Companies That Use Our Services

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Mark Hopkins

Imaging Systems Group Inc


In working with Warren on complex accounting problems I found that the problems were not complex nor could they even be considered problems. It was Warren's straight forward approach and years of experience that helped him identify what needs to be done to make sense of financial reporting and the processes required to keep accounting a simple beneficial tool for business owners and not an instrument that runs the company.

Nate Lemay

Enerdrive Energy Consulting

President & CEO

I have had the great pleasure of working with RPM since Enerdrive went into operations in 2015. RPM has been there with us to advise us and to guide our financial plans along the way, from helping us to ensure that our business plan had sound financials to helping us make smart and prudent financial decisions on a daily basis. RPM's ability to see deep into the minutia of any financial situation/dilemma and to then use their skill set to translate that information into usable data for our business is invaluable. We do not make any major money decisions with out the input of RPM. RPM is a trusted advisor and dedicated associate of Enerdrive.

Kyla D. Boruck

HUB International Calgary

Commercial Account Executive

I have known Warren Hall for a few years now and have the privilege of being a part of his team. The team at RPM are very professional and comprehensive with their clients. The way I have seen Warren himself turn companies around is truly amazing. Warren surrounds himself with people that help his clients achieve success now and in the future. I highly recommend Warren and the team at RPM Financial Consultants Inc.

Robert Legault

Jertyne Interior Services Ltd.


Warren Hall has been a big part of transforming my business over the last 2 years, identifying where savings can be made and profits increased. He has implemented departmental budgets in our business that allows us to empower our management team at the same time giving us a tool to measure their financial accountability. His approach is friendly, effective and he goes beyond just providing accounting knowledge, he supports it with understanding and advice to help manage and improve our business. I would recommend Warren Hall to anyone.

Teresa Sawler

Jertyne Interior Services Ltd.


Warren Hall is forward thinking and a highly skilled professional person.I have been working directly with Warren for the last two years in my role as Controller and I have greatly benefitted from Warren's willingness to share his skills, knowledge and expertise. I have had many mentors in my life and I am confident that Warren's mentorship has given me the tools to be successful in my professional career. I am truly fortunate to work with a mentor of Warren's stature, as he has been instrumental in my growth as Controller.

Steve Brown

TGC Capital

Managing Partner

I have personally known and worked with the founder of RPM, Warren Hall, for the last seven years. In this time we have collaborated on financing plans, business plans, valuations and more than two dozen capital raises for companies in various industries. During this time, I've found Mr. Hall to be a reliable and trustworthy source of expertise in business operations and in particular, all aspects of the CFO function. RPM has assisted my clients with audit preparations, implementation of turnaround strategies and systems implementation. I highly recommend RPM for situations relating to the strategic aspects of accounting systems implementation.